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The Slavic Soul

The first Slavic Symphonic Crossover Project In the World


The Slavic Soul

The Slavic Soul, an unforgettable journey through the heart of Europe, brings you the most beautiful songs and melodies from all Slavic countries, which combine to comprise over half of Europe as well as North and Central Asia. The concert takes you on a journey of extreme emotions, experiencing diverse cultures. These melodies of unique beauty have been carried on through Millennia. New, thrilling, emotional orchestrations and arrangements for symphonic orchestra and choir by maestro Benjamin Izmajlov capture the audience senses immediately. And the voice, the soul-touching expression of mezzo-soprano Manca Izmajlova will tell the Untold Story...

"Žal", or better known as "Tristesse", by Frederic Chopin is one of the most beautiful melodies from the Slavic world. Now, newly orchestrated and sang in Polish original.

The Slavic Soul was created to awaken and remind these great nations of their common roots through a musical experience that is becoming more difficult to access due to the homogenizing effects of globalized culture. Slavic music is full of sincerity, beauty and deep warmth; yet even most Slavic people know so little of it. This makes this contemporary project unique in its importance. The vast cultural and intellectual wealth of Europe lies in its immense and diverse history. To better know ourselves through this point of cultural context helps us to understand who we are and better recognize our desires for our future.

"The usual Moscow carefulness and coldness to the new soloists has melted away at the third song, the applauses were getting stronger and stronger and - true ovations in the end. The concert was long, it lasted 3 hours together with encores. The spoiled and unpredictable audience in Moscow is used to getting up and many people leave the hall before the long concerts are completely over. This time, it was maybe 3 or 4 people out of 1.500. It was a complete success, a triumph that many would give their life for..."

- Russian Press covering the Moscow concert

"Marvellous people, amazing musicians!"
- Alexander Tchaikovsky, Artistic director of the Moscow Philharmonic Society

"A stunning opera performance!"
- The Copenhagen Post

"One of the most beautiful voices in the world, the Diva Manca Izmajlova..."
- Gloria Magazine, Belgrade


Manca Izmajlova is an outstanding singer with an extraordinary warm timbre in her voice. My wife and I have seen her performing several times and listened to her beautiful CDs, with her beauty and artistic skills she is, I can only repeat myself, an outstanding singer. Together with her husband Benjamin, who impressingly masters the violin and also conducts, the Izmajlovs are a great musical couple.

H.E. Ambassador Clemens Koja, Permanent Mission of Austria to the OSCE


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